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How To Play Texas Poker

How To Play Texas Poker

Those who are curious about how to play Texas Poker will want to know all of the details as quickly as possible, and thankfully it is actually very simple to get started with this game and to learn the basics of how it is played. It is not even too difficult to get into some proper poker strategy right from the start, so we can tell you the details that you need to know right here and allow you to really get started right away!

In order to learn how to play Texas Poker you have to start by knowing the hand rankings, which are very useful to know anyway because they are used as the basis for most five card poker games as well as video poker games out there, so once you have learnt them you will be able to use them in all kinds of situations. It starts at the bottom of the scale with a high card, which is another way of saying that you do not really have a hand and you have to rely on the card in your hand which is the highest value to compete for you. Above this is a pair, which is two matching cards of the same value; then you have two pair, which is literally two pairs and then one card left over; after this you have three of a kind, three cards of the same value; then there is a straight, in which all five cards follow one after another in numerical order; then you have a flush, in which all of the cards are the same suit; a full house, which is a pair of cards with a three of a kind; then a straight flush, which is all of the cards in the same suit and in numerical order; and last of all you have the royal flush, a very rare hand indeed which beats all of the others and features the same as the straight flush but with the distinction of using the A, K, Q, J, and 10 of that particular suit rather than any other cards. The ace is high in this poker game, so you will see it listed at the top rather than following after a 2 when you are trying to make a flush.

You will find that once you have the hand rankings firmly in your mind, you are ready to learn how to play Texas Poker and to also put your play into action. You start off by receiving a set of two cards which you must keep hidden from the other players, but which you will be able to look at in order to decide whether you join in the game. If you are playing the big blind or the small blind, positions which move around the table in a clockwise direction for every game, then you are required to make a stake – a measure which ensures that the betting actually does get started – but everyone else around the table can decide whether to get involved or to just fold immediately. Though it may seem like a waste of time to bow out so early on, many players will advocate this course of action in a lot of situations because playing a poor hand is not likely to get you anywhere. If you are going to take part in the game then you have to match the highest current bet in order to continue, and this is true of all betting rounds – so you always have the choice to either fold and bow out of the game, call the current bet and put down the same amount as the last player, or raise and make the bet higher so that everyone else has to match you. If no one before you has made a bet, you can also check to say that you wish to stay in the game but not make a bet on this round (though if one of the other players does decide to place a bet, you will then have to match them). After the first round of betting, we move on to the game proper.

This is an important step in how to play Texas Poker, as we start by having three community cards laid out in the centre of the table, known as the flop. When you reach the final round you will need to create a five card hand using three cards from the community set and the two that you have in your hand, so it is important to look hard at these first three as you are going to need to use at least one of them. Another round of betting follows, and then the turn is dealt: one more card into the centre of the table. At this stage the tension will begin to ramp up, and now we will see the next round of betting followed by the river – the final card of the five that are to be dealt into the centre of the table, allowing you to see everything that you will have to work with. By now you may be looking at a number of things: you may have had a viable hand since the flop, or you may have been holding out for a card that did not show up and end up with nothing, or you may have seen everything fall into place in the river and see a great hand now appear before you.

The last stage in how to play Texas Poker is the final betting round, and you will bet based on what you have in front of you as well as what you think the other players around the table may have. Then you come to the showdown: if only one player is left then they simply take the pot and a new game starts, but if more than one remains they must compare their hands to see who has won everything.

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